Important Pre-Wedding Roles For Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids’ team is very important to the bride. They could be her relatives or close friends. Ideally, they need to help out throughout the whole wedding process. That includes the pre-wedding phase, during the wedding day itself, and after the big day. They aren’t the ones to sit and look pretty, that’s the bride’s role on her day! So, if you’ve been chosen by your friend as a bridesmaid, this guide should help you know what the bride would want you to do before the wedding.


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Yes, your girl needs you to be the kind of person she can count on to be available when she needs you. This includes her bridal shower, rehearsals, rehearsal dinner, and every important event before the wedding. You need to show up, show up, show up the more. Any bride needs her friends to be close at this phase.

Attend all the things. And there will be quite a few events! Engagement party. Bridal showers (try to at least attend one, if you can’t make multiple events). Bachelorette party. Rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner. Getting ready together. The wedding (a non-negotiable!). Being a bridesmaid will quickly fill up your calendar, but hey – lots of excuses to get dressed up and celebrate a person you love!

The bride may or may not ask all of her bridesmaids to attend dress try-ons and fittings, but if she does ask and you can make one or two trips, it’s a very nice gesture to tag along and offer honest but always supportive, positive advice.

Additionally, the bride may ask certain bridesmaids to take on certain roles within the ceremony or reception (reading passages, giving toasts, etc.). Do your best to cheerfully accept these roles, even if they’re a bit out of your comfort zone. Read more from Brides of North Texas

Always be cheerful in showing up, let your girl know you have got her. Prepare your schedules and calendars well so that you are able to come through when the bride needs you.


It is a bridesmaid’s responsibility to be there for the bride especially during seasons of stress and tension. Well, actually the whole wedding planning is that season. Let your girl know that you are there if she needs to rant or cry a little.

Wedding planning is as stressful as it is exciting. First and foremost, it’s important to be there for the bride in those moments of tension. “Be available as much as you’re able! You don’t have to be at their beck and call, but it’s nice for the bride to know that their bridesmaids are there for them as their closest friends and best supporters,” Yu says.

It’s also important to support the maid of honor. A lot of the burden falls on them to get things started with pre-wedding events, but not all MOHs are natural planners. “It is a group effort especially where any planning is involved, and it’s important to set that tone from the beginning.” Read more from Brides

Be emotionally present for other bridesmaids as well as the maid of honor. One can never have enough emotional support.


The bride will need her bridesmaids to help here and there with the wedding planning to ease her burden. In case the bride needs you to run an errand for them, help out gladly.

Of course, you’ll also need to help your bestie with wedding preparations. The biggest task to complete? Getting your wedding day outfit. Often, to-be-weds will choose a color or style for their bridal party to wear. Ask them what they’re picturing and follow instructions—even if it’s not your favorite style or color. We know it’s tempting to ask for an exception to whatever bridesmaid dress or outfit they’ve picked, but remember: the wedding is about your friend, not you. If you genuinely feel uncomfortable with the given requirements, speak to your friend privately to come up with a compromise.

You might also be called upon to help your bestie find their wedding day outfit. Read more from The Knot

As you help with the planning process, it will help the bride have time to do other important errands.

Another super exciting task you could include is helping your girl in selecting her bridal gown and the groomsmen to select their suits. To make your work easier, you should check out the New York Bride and Groom of Columbia salon. We have quality wedding wear for both the bride and groom along with their wedding party. What’s more, our prices are unbeatable! Visit us today.