Best Man Duties Before the Wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and a couple that is in such a process needs help especially from their maid of honor and the best man. The best man is the groom’s right-hand man in the entire process that is from the pre-wedding, on the wedding day, and after the wedding.

Here are some of the duties of a best man before the wedding.


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This is an age-old tradition that varies from party to party. It could be in a hotel or yacht.  Also, it could be a golfing day, a night in the club, or any other convenient venue. The best man is in charge of organizing the party and inviting the groomsmen to be a part of it.

The quintessential best man responsibility: the bachelor party. This is the last hoorah your friend will have for a while — therefore, it has to be on an epic scale. You know the groom and his interests and preferences and as such you are responsible for mapping out his bachelor party.

Reserve the date, pick a place, invite the groomsmen, and help the groom celebrate this major life milestone.

As the best man, you are entitled to some fun of your own but make sure everyone drinks responsibly…avoid getting the groom into detrimental situations that may lead to the cancellation of the wedding. Read more from Wedding By Color

The best man should always keep an eye on the groom to ensure that he does not mess during the party. He also ensures the groomsmen drink reasonably.


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The best man should always be there for the groom, being the friend the groom needs. Yes, men too need some emotional support throughout the planning process. So the best man is to check up on the groom and ensure his head is still in the game.

We’ve all heard of bridezillas who get seriously stressed in the run up to the day, but don’t forget that the groom has emotions and feelings too and might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of money and organising that goes into a wedding.

When he proposed he was probably just imagining the lovely life as a husband and wife he’d soon be enjoying, and not thinking about spending every spare minute looking at colour charts, cake designs, and dealing with the politics of table plans and meddling mothers! So be sure to check in with him from time to time, just so he knows that someone understands he’s not a robot and might be feeling a bit stressed by the whole thing. Read more from For better for worse

He is the shoulder to lean on and keeps the groom focused.


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In order for the best man’s speech to be perfect, it needs to have been written a bit earlier and practiced. Since he is usually a close person to the groom, he may know a thing or two about the couple getting married.

An essential task to tick off your list before the big day is to write your best man speech and get practising so you feel so comfortable with it when you have to stand up and speak. Start with looking at our best man speech introductions, the best toasts to end your speech with, and the five things you need to include in between…

We can’t emphasise enough how you can be cheeky and a little raunchy with your speech, but you need to consider that older relatives will be there and some sexual or embarrassing stories may not be right for the audience. Run your speech past a trusted person to check if you’ve got the tone right. Read more from Hitched

He can practice with a groomsman and be assisted as well, he shouldn’t shy away from help. This could be one of the most important roles.

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